The Book

Welcome to The Raydiant Labyrinth.

Yes, The Raydiant Labyrinth is a book, which means you are welcome to read the summary. It is also an interactive labyrinth of sorts with tentacles spreading into real time in terms of information age fecundity on the world wide web, a concept that exists fully integrated in the real world in continual progression. An insight into its labryinthine nature is what this web site was created for. This is the basis behind the book existing as a document on the one hand, with what will be a full third of it coming into existence as this website, -as its existing footnotes. Reality is complex; the site will serve to observe the integrated progression of its existing premise in real time.

It is also at this inception an attempt at an interactive public social experiment where any reader becomes a participant by becoming an objective observer. As a social experiment it is possessed of some serious ambitions. The book is an operative circumstantial potential God Proof, but only becomes potentially operative in terms of actual impact if there are fully engaged observers. (Before now there has only been one full observer, the author.) If you are an atheist, then the book is merely delineating our potential in connective human consciousness beyond how we humans define individual potential consciousness at present. The medium for observation is popular music. It is an attempt to intercept its course in time (between rendering and release) in order to show that it has an existing delay of sorts which may create a frieze exhibit indicating a sort of interaction that is potentially universal. 

That said you will be reading a personal biopic of one individual that remains quite mundane in its circumstantial confines, though they test what we might consider ordinary to be. As a biopic it starts linearly from birth, so the author must beg the patience of the reader at present for the time this tome will take to even arrive at its premises (beginning at Chapter 9). It should be noted that this advent of the God identity was identified in the Divine Feminine, in terms of the Christian triune God identity (a Holy Spirit feminine). Such notions are obviously the products of an adult mind; albeit it would not have been arrived at without a certain upbringing, so it must be included. The book will not declare itself as either fiction or non-fiction.

If you are willing to become a participant, to be engaged and be immersed in this labyrinth at its inception, all it involves is a willingness to read this book. Enjoy!