Clouds Open for the New Moon

Dream, week of March 21st, 1999

Last night I had a beautiful dream: It was very positive in terms of [a long-standing friend who she’d just spoken to, who was just about the only person of long-standing who took her side and thought her father was false; even her most stoic and rational brother said he couldn’t support her in any way because of the risk that their father was really a prophet; the friend’s name was Anthony. In the dream they were both born with a symbol on their skin (lower arm by the wrist) that marked them as being from the same Godly tribe. And] then after that long association was over, I was lying on a living room couch that was my bed, acknowledging the web that is my own desire and keenly aware of myself. I had been up all through the night, for the dawn light was near breaking, and when I looked out the dining room window there winked in the sliver of the new moon through an opening enclave of clouds. It shimmered and glanced, and the envelope pushed wider. I was thinking, this must be a vision, for the clouds are opening for the moon. And then the moon was caught in light, for over its face, even that which was concealed, there pulsed a lattice of shimmering light, twice. At this the clouds darkened and roiled, forming their own intricate patterns as they coiled away from the sliver of a silver moon. Don’t close your eyes, for it is a vision, given to you if you are open, and if you close your eyes it may vanish from sight. I strained but then I blinked and when my eyes opened, I was awake in my own bed.        

[That night] I walked out the door and when I did, the clouds opened over a sliver of a moon. So be at peace with yourself, little one, for no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.