The Concert

“This is a dream I had some time ago that I forgot to write down. Now its relevance has applied in my life directly, so it deserves notice.

I dreamed about a momentous concert where Prince and Madonna were performing songs together. I was in Prince’s body dancing. I was him. The atmosphere of the concert was very unified, a sense of oneness pervaded the audience and the performers. There was also a consciousness that was happening that was “pushing the envelope” as far as it could go. The songs concerned love and marriage. I left Prince’s body and watched the concert as an observer. Prince and Madonna proceeded to make love on centre stage. There was nothing wrong in what they did. It was like a heavily symbolic marriage that embraced everyone present. The entire audience believed in what they were doing, were cheering them on. This dream paralleled directly the symbolism of the U2 concert. In retrospect you could say it “set me up”.