Dream Series February 7-12, 1999

February 7th 1999So I had awesome dreams again all of last night. I’m always having awesome dreams these nights. Last night, I can barely remember, but I was with Michael Stipe, we were before a lot of people but it wasn’t a stage. I was sitting near him but my features were changed; they were considerably prettier. I had an unnatural, deep rose blush at the height of my cheeks, a longer narrower face, and the starkness was amplified; I was Snow White, in white, with jet ebony shining hair in long curls and pale, pale skin. I had an arch-typical name, I was his Sister Rose, and he was going to tell them about me finally, now that he’d met me.” 

She was also far more petite in the dream than she was in real life, on a scale with Michael. In the dream she rose for his pending announcement of her to the audience, stood to meet it. Also there was this dream on the same night; she’d finally made it on the flight to London.

February 11thThe vampire dream, in which she rejected her current life by scuttling her environmental tech future and chose to go and find and be with her lover, after being saved by him from drowning (the infected vampires being her family/”church”). 

February 12th Another bad dream about my “stepfather” involving my mother and my sister. He had us gathering neighbor’s garbage on a paper route, his idea of starting a thriving private business. Ugly scrawny guy too. He was an invasive personality who dominated our three lives. This was in my real father’s house, my original home.

Next I was living with another “father” at a new place; I forget how we found each other. This situation was amusing because we spent about eight minutes kissing each other good-bye before he went to work that day, out of sheer passion. It didn’t even seem odd. Every glance into his eyes caused a meltdown. They were deep blue/green. Both had black hair, but this one was attractive and the first one wasn't.”