dreaming R.E.M.

May 18th 1995 – “Dreamed I went hiking around the circumference of the globe with Mike and somebody else I can’t remember. Actually I don’t remember anything except the Himalayas, which were (unsurprisingly) astonishing. Somewhere in the Himalayas there was a small idyllic village and R.E.M. was performing there before hitting Vancouver, which made me ecstatic because I thought I was going to miss them by hiking around the world. Better yet, it was only going to cost me $10.00! I pleaded and begged and borrowed the money and went to R.E.M.. They had already commenced when I got there, and it was actually only Michael Stipe, playing a piano. He was wearing a black cloak with a draped hood (and shades no less). I was dancing in a languid circle only to realize the song was “Bang & Blame” (even though in a dream it really isn’t). I’m in my element. Stipe turns; he is aware out of the edge of his vantage. There were three songs. The band played for the rest.”