The Fairy Queen and the Wolf

Come with me to read a tale of present and future times
Deep in the forest, we see the books,
tis The Lord of the Rings
But no, this is not the tale
that we are led to read
Though of present and future this too does speak
the Fairy Queen and the Beast
The book is opened, the truth revealed
and as I flip the leafs
As a spirit I walk into the tale
it becomes a reality
The Fairy Queen is dormant
her rest is undisturbed
Deep under the lush marshen earth
sounds are seldom heard
Her dark beauty is unsurpassed
by mortal eyes not seen
Her powers are great, but now at rest
pacified, asleep.
But the Beast never sleeps
he sees her, he knows
In his furtive restlessness
his power, enabled, grows
He is coming now, to take her away
far from her forest, to evils unknown
So when she awakens to a change so great
she will die, unless forewarned of her fate
The Queen he has hated, since times long past
Many times they have battled
though the war saw no end
But now there is a chance at last
and victory, final is within his grasp.
How have we lived oblivious
until this revelation?
At home in our cottage in the forest realm
at peace and unafraid
Do your errands now child
the day’s work must be done
under the fleeting light of the sun
Do you think the sun protects
from a presence so evil as this?
Hear the wind, the stormy herald
something wicked this way comes
Fetch water now child
for nought is amiss
We have played in weather much nastier than this
Oblivious to oblivion
the family labours at life
Except for the child
for whom came this revelation
and who must now fetch water
The wind wrest the door from her hand as she goes
But to protect the oblivious
it must be closed
The wind swirls, it harries
it whips her clothes
Leaves blow in her face
her fear only grows
On the threshold she falls to her knees
Unable to continue, unable to breathe.
The Beast is coming, he’s coming
I can see him now, I know
He is evil embodied
that great wolfen creature
His fangs are poison
-but even worse are his eyes
Flaming pale, sickly green with
black pupils, cat-like slits
The power of his gaze
cuts your heart like a knife
and makes it colder than stone
Have you seen the Beast?
that great wolfen creature
Against him none can stand
They melt in terror
their minds shatter like glass
under the power of his lidless stare
The vision alone is too much to bear
How can I be saved
and withstand his glare?
I know the inevitable
under fear I am frozen
my will is already gone
His passage here
will break my mind to pieces
and leave me empty, utterly lost.
The nesting doves, the taméd pigeons
fly through the chaos seeking escape
I catch one in my hands,
hold it, cling to hope
and resort to the power of prayer
Please, let me see only the good of your forest
let me see only the good
The prayer is uttered
supplication heard
and in answer to this plea
The dream is shattered
I’m drawn from the deep
For to fulfill the prayer
the dream cannot be
For in the passage of utter evil
how can one see only good?
The awakening is to strange surroundings
far from home I take my rest
And outside the wind,it howls and whispers
–Of the passage? - Who dare guess?

At De Valowe in Holland Feb. 29th 1988 – a dream at midday