October 22nd, 1999


“In the first dream I was hanging out with Tim Burgess and Mark Collins of The Charlatans discussing recording sessions, whether they could be better stoned or straight. We were sort of concluding it could be both. Sometimes it could be brilliant when you were high on drugs but other times it was more likely to make you useless. Our next conversation was also heavy; it involved the elites vs. the proles. I forget now what my response was, it involved induced mass apathy, “they don’t even know that they don’t know”, only it was a progression on that thinking; I was talking in terms of the range of their reactive behavior, sounding knowledgeable, pointing out when and where the proles do get pissed and how it was completely misdirected. At that moment I felt a mite on my forehead; it was eavesdropping on the conversation and it flew off, transmogrified, and grew into David Bowie. You can imagine my embarrassment at assuming such pseudo-scholasticism in his presence. So I asked Bowie what he was doing there? He responded that he was waiting for my parents to arrive, and with little impromptu my parents began materializing out of the base of the second level of the bunk in the room. -Mild reality adjustment. Bingo, it’s a brave new world.

So, being a brave new world, the capabilities become endless. We leave the house and are about to cross the river (Liffey). Well, now that we’re existing in mind/faith over matter, let’s try walking on water. Not bad. I’m crossing the river, walking on water. And say, if I can walk on water (we all are), what’s the difference between walking on air? Soon I’m an inch off the water, then a foot, and that’s how I finished the traverse. On the other side we’re approaching the family home. Well now that we’ve got this air thing down, let’s try flying with it. Let’s leap over the house. It was great fun. My smallest brother attempted the same, with more joie di vivre. Dad is very pleased with my progress.

The next dream was much weirder. It involved this furry ogre that consumes humans. It has an inherent advantage. So this dream involves the ogre but also the Edge and the band, and basically they’re going to take on the ogre, get sucked into its intergalactic pit. This pit is like a black hole vortex only it’s grey. The Edge is on a wooden mini surf board sailing into this pit. The gravity suck into the pit is so fierce that any human who makes the trip will be broken when they hit the bottom, and then the ogre eats them raw. They don’t stand a chance. OK, so Edge hits the bottom, but he’s transmogrified into a series of blocks of wood, fire timber. Please don’t ask. There’s a pile of cubic cut almost polished lumber in the lair’s floor, and it’s the Edge.

The ogre appears, knowing his meal is already broken by the landing and cannot fight. He shuffles in and starts looking through the blocks of wood, looking for the human that must be underneath. The pieces that he dispenses with behind him as he digs forward turn out to be the vital parts. Edge’s head pops out of one of the pieces; he is still operating. As the ogre burrows further for the human that isn’t there, he verges on his own fire pit. Actually it’s huge and it’s becoming the fireplace as he digs his way in. The pieces of wood that are the Edge fly up and form a grating so that he cannot back out. The rest becomes fuel for the fire.

At this point, the song starts; Bono starts singing; the song is about her, and what it opens with is “I have someone that hasn’t been torn apart.” It is the song that induces fire. The room, the wood and the ogre begin to spontaneously combust, and the ogre, screaming, is consumed in the fire.”