November 19th, 2000

Dreamed that I arrived at the final performance and was in the process of getting one of the last tickets (Row 8 Seat 38 – I think), - was trying to trade one of my two tickets with a girl who was on her own and had snagged two tickets in Row 2. I tried to explain that the concert was very important to me. She balked at trading cuz she said there was a possibility someone she knew might still turn up. She left and came back, showed me the actual tickets. I still had to trade my slips for tickets.

About this time Bjork appears through an entrance, while I’m sorting out all my papers, discarding what’s not necessary and transferring the ticket stubs to my pocket. Everything was about organizing and not losing anything. Bjork immediately breaks into song in recognition; it’s like ‘In the Musicals’ on Selmasongs. I break into a grin and cock my head in greeting. Yes I know you and I know who you're singing for. I’m here, ready to go. It seems Bjork is opening for The Smashing Pumpkins.

I go into the next room and people are flowing up the stairs into the theatre, but I can’t go until I exchange my ticket slips for the real article. I look around for the booth to exchange for the tickets. I assume it’s the doorway on my left. The show is very close to beginning and everyone is going in. I’m a little tardy but relaxed and not late yet. As I’m approaching the door I observe that the gentlemen I’m going to have to address are elderly.

Immediately I become aware that my mouth is stuffed full with such a large wad of gum that I will hardly be able to speak to them at all. So I try to divest the gum, or start with half of it. It is stronger than putty and I realise my mouth is effectively sealed because it is gluey and there is so much of it. The dream ends while I am still trying to get rid of the gum.