train station

“I have to give him a letter I wrote for him. He was in the room, at something like an art gallery showing. Then he slipped out rather quickly. I believed I had lost the chance, decided not to lose it, and ran down the hall after him, just in time to see him slip into a stairwell. In the stairwell he looked like a perfect amalgam of Mac Phisto and the Mirror Ball man. I leapt down the stairs after him, skipping multiple steps and even whole flights. When I came close I called out, asking him to wait, saying all I wanted to do was give him a message. He stopped and took it, considering.

                “That’s all? You don’t want a kiss?” –Faintest twist of a smile, slightly sardonic, it was a true gesture that worked as a slap in the face simultaneously.

                “No, I only want to give you the letter.” He knew exactly how the question had worked, knew I meant my reply purely and had come with that intent, and yet knew that underneath I still wanted to.

                We went down the remainder of the stairs together and parted amicably. Once outside the building we were leaving was a train station.