"ezer" and "kenegdo"

This was discovered (by the author) in the public domain in a comment on an article by Andrew Solomon in The Nation by “True6lue”, who is credited for this initial analysis, including likely reaching into the “kenegdo”’s true essence in the sense of recognizing it to provide the notion of a reciprocal and equal complementary structure with each in direct relation to the other (where the structure divided did not otherwise exist, and only existed by virtue of the complementary strength in each other), like the equal slope sides of a roof providing a state of equal ballast (if in reverse, as in via strength more so than weight, as in strength of equal measure (differing but complementary) to counterbalance strength in either tension or equilibrium, whichever in the instance serves, and with a full ability to go into an inverse or poisonous relation based on the interaction of the complement, or fail altogether). It is well pointed out (in Reform Jews’ Torah studies) that the dual quality implies that if the man is unworthy of a woman or attempts to lead in paths that or evil or beneath her moral standards, a woman of unequal spiritual strength will only serve to try and reform the existing situation; this will result in a dynamic of continual strife.

The doctrine the mis-translation begat as perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Church permits “woman” no autonomy over procreation, effectively forcing her to be in bondage to insemination whether financially feasible or not, which subsumes the entire female side of the race in the most prolonged bondage of child-rearing biology will contrive with no allowances or options, putting her abilities to either work in the work force, work creatively or be active and contribute socially under the greatest possible constraint. This was a great enslaving tool to maximize women’s agricultural production (which until industrialization was largely the province of women done by hand, with girls only entering education to unburden their mothers for field labour until they themselves could be turned out to the fields and then turned over as soon as possible to begin reproducing more of their own field labourers), who in turn fed the men and reproduced the most males possible to be available as war conscripts.The enslavement of women's male offspring as war conscripts was part and parcel to harnessing and control and enslavement of female reproductive care, reproduction and labour. It was a devil's bargain designed to exact the price of warfare on males (patriarchy's goal is the male bloodprice put to use in warfare), with the tacit trade off/'reward' of providing the males with female enslavement, firstly as enslavement to over-reproduction. Ergo, 'American Psycho':

"When a woman is raped, her fingers nail gunned to the floor, her tongue cut out and thrown to the wall, all while she is still conscious, it is a form of release for the reader. It alleviates the trauma of engaging with a satire on the dog-eat-dog world western men have created for themselves. Watching women die, at pleasingly regular intervals, is the reward for having had to engage with something really traumatic, something that calls into question your own self-esteem and sense of purpose. Take a break while a man sticks his cock into the mouth of the woman he’s just decapitated. Go on, it’s the least you deserve." - Glosswitch

(My ex presented this to me as the movie he liked so much he had me watch it.) A more modern form of this subsumation is the imposed inequity of leisure time created by male TV viewing and continued gender enforced relegation of cooking/housework. Divorce parental time sharing plans enforce this disproportionate leisure time, doubly enforced by the male propensity for battery of women and children, as a protective mother will inherently be trying to seek to provide a dangerous father with the least parental time possible. Societal structures that serve and reinforce this destructive behaviour are ultimately designed to enforce female enslavement. (It's such a good thing they make art films to give him that vicarious frisson, three protection injunctions later.)

"[T]he most reliable indicator of whether or not there is violence inside a country, or whether it will use military violence against another country, is not poverty or access to natural resources or religion or even degree of democracy. It’s violence against females." Gloria Steinem, on the research presented in 'Sex and World Peace'.

The model might have been considered to have worked well (depending on your goal), at least until the death knell of exponential population growth and exceeding carrying capacity kicked in, which is demonstrative that a culture that permits women autonomy over birth control is a founding element of the very survival of the human race, -at least at any decent quality of life. (You’d never guess.) If female autonomy over their own reproductive system hadn't been destroyed, you wouldn't have arrived at such discomforting moral questions

-If you don't want a barnburner of an essay on this subject, -stop now. Just remember, the Christian religious agenda as per removing all female autonomy over reproduction (i.e., exercising any form of family planning) is wielded all over the developed (and undeveloped) world, enough that there's whole books on the subject. It is the province in worsening and varying degrees of every branch of monotheism (the Abrahamic faiths). Combined with what the West (and the rest) have considered and emulated as human progress, it had this inevitable, certain and natural result. And why would it not? Female over-reproduction is inherently designed to produce the devaluation of life that provides for the dispensability of male offspring as human fodder in wars. For those granted the dispensation of 'living' the devaluation of life is designed to supply what has always been the capitalist wet dream, to reach such a level of the total devaluation of human labour (via oversupply) as to arrive at the equivalent of when capitalism has always reached its greatest heights of profits and exploitation, which was (inveitably) slavery, which is the only avenue for such profits margins left after you've all but obliterated the planet's natural capital. If the patriarchy rooted in Christianity did not service this end, the USA would not still presently be asserting itself as a Christian nation. Consider this the perfect bastardization/marriage/end of the road, i.e., the perfected inversion of Christianity on the altar  of capitalism, in order to continue control over reproduction. We've come a long way, baby.

The Reality of Roe - Rachel Ivey 

"In all of our romanticization of Roe’s effects, why do we never speak of the fact that in the pre-Roe era, women weren’t fighting the government over how abortion should be regulated – they were fighting over whether the government had the right to exercise any control over female reproduction. By accepting governmental regulation as a baseline, we’re giving up ground that pre-Roe activists fought for tooth and nail. NARAL – which now stands for National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League – was original named National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. During some demonstrations, activists would hand out sheets of paper with their ideal version of abortion restriction – and it was a blank sheet of paper. Our foremothers knew that if we accept any control over reproduction by the government and medical industry, we fail utterly to protect women’s reproductive autonomy." -In this light, Trump's threat to Roe vs. Wade is nothing but a diversion to keep us endlessly spinning our wheels in the throes of this debate on regulation. In fact, that's been the battle ever since, reduced to the level of barbarism they've injected into the debate by codifying it on their terms, terms which allowed the legal reinsertion of personhood laws to roll it all back. In fact, the Roe vs. Wade decision was specifcally designed to provide for this roll back. Of course, one of the strongest attempts at this was in the state of North Dakota. Go figure.

"In 2011, nearly half (45% or 2.8 million) of the 6.1 million pregnancies in the United States each year were unintended, [which rose to 51% for 2008]." -Why, when this factor alone accounts for overpopulation? "Overpopulation is Not the Problem" - NYT - the argument is predicated on humankind's existence in a vacuum to the exclusion of all wild earthly habitat and species that make the human experience so valuable (not to mention survivable, as in we are not only at the threshold of having allocated (as well as exhausted) all arable land for agriculture, but the threshold of decimation of natural forests/habitats through fragmentation, with its inevitable result on all other life). 

So the real question here is, why, instead of addressing a culture that enables this rate of unwanted pregnancy and attempts to furnish it in every way humanly possible, -why are we fighting over the regulations over whether we get to dispose of this mass of 'unwanted' fetuses we never wanted to grow inside out bodies in the first place? Why aren't we attacking and addressing this culture? Why aren't we determining why the culture would design itself in this manner? What's the benefit? Why are they still fighting to entrench the fundamentals that brought us here when they are presently are worst/best existential death wish? Why are we not rejecting it wholesale and rebelling against it and altering it with a complete and total overhaul when it's out to asphyxiate us all under the sheer weight of ourselves? The culture has its own verdict already. It deserves to be rejected wholsale. It has no business putting us through Roe Vs. Wade or anything else. It has already failed humankind utterly. We're just waiting for the bill to roll in.

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To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he’s doing is good . . . “Ideology [or religion]—that is what gives devil-doing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes, so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors.—Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

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"The therapeutic ideology infiltrated feminism through the issue of incest."

"The iceberg remains the socially tolerated act of child-rape by fathers."

The strongest form of patriarchal protectionism is the tacit sanction of incest, because (by and large) it is the exacting of adult male sexual entitlement through the family unit, largely exacted upon daughters (though its impact through sons is no different in being exacted upon the mother, nor are its impacts much different perpetrated through any variety of male relatives). It is  tacitly sanctioned not because of its normalcy and prevalency, but thanks to the damage it creates intra-familially directly to daughters (employing inter-generational destruction directly through the family unit). It is tacitly santioned because it enforces male sexual subjugation via the family unit, and is explicitly inherently designed to sever and destroy the strongest family bond within the family unit, -that between mother and daughter. It is attacking the birther of the children (who carries residuals of her offspring at the cellular level) through the sexual abuse of her children. Its lethality is sanctioned by the transfer from criminal to Family Courts in intrafamilial sexual abuse cases (where abuse is not criminalized but concealed and perpetuated). Its lethality is indicated in its use to neuter feminism with the medicalizing ideology of individual victimization, avoiding the psycho-social evaluation of its prevalence, its perpetrators, victims and what could be inferred to be its net societal 'benefits'.

How it is inferred that most intrafamilial sexual abuse is male perpetrated? -Because 96% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by males, with 78.6% [source] of those abusers being adults. Is this disparity in the statistics accounted for anywhere in divorce court? Clearly not, -Right? Given this is what they were forcing these girl children to live with against the protestations of the mother? -Uh-huh.

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