Fractals on the Ceiling

December 29th 1998 – Boy I am getting high way too easy these days. One joint between three of us, and I’m getting pulsing upholstery and ceiling scapes that would do acid proud. The ceiling was due to the Christmas tree lights, but it was very, very fantastic. Like the old days but even better. I could see the Walbran sky. I could even glimpse the fractal scape I used to have with my eyes closed when I tripped on cid. It was there. I am also thinking very heavily, but what’s new? 

I bowed to the floor in awe and prayed and worshiped God, and the nice thing about it was that today I realized that whatever the infection was in my sinuses, it still wasn’t cured, but changing my center of gravity drained them completely. So now I can breathe, and inhaled deeply. Aaaaaaah. Considering the pain I was in three days ago this is quite a relief. My breathing smelt like it came from a crypt, and this was from my sinuses. It was after this that I saw the ceiling. There were two brief instances where the light did things I could not explain. I saw stars blink in and out twice and the whole ceiling did that pulse thing. God was dealing with me tonight.