January 7th, 2000

Comments on Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow"

“I found it sorta especially poignant, the most significant plot angle of the Ichabod Crane story that was Tim Burton's add-on with his Sleepy Hollow rendition was what happened to Ichabod Crane's mother, that what the mother went through in that movie, was precisely what I'd gone through, even getting executed in a manner of speaking, Thanksgiving 1995. In microcosm fashion inside the small church I was in I was just like her, the mystic/female side who gets defined as an aberration and condemned upon being “caught” daring to express (-that which I hadn't dared to express, which is how I think it could've ended up in more literal realms if any action towards it/articulation of it had taken place earlier than '98, -besides, he still had no idea what my intentions and reasoning were for my departure 'round '98; the reasoning is what would have made him feel threatened). Furthermore her child's conduct, his epitome of existence, his entire definition from the totality of how he conducted himself, was utterly rational, ha-ha, which is how I'd proceeded with the development of the universal awareness. Cute how the psych angle in this movie indicates the “child” reacts this way due to having witnessed the false rational destroying the intuitive....retreated to the Godless rational away from a religious paragon/paradigm that is implacable and evil in its results; the child is fighting religion because of the consequences he witnessed, how the religious rationale he saw conducted/fulfilled itself. “Disappearing” was also much the same as accepting the was no God, it was the same as accepting there was no God as I identified God, -how I'd been raised to see/identify God for the entirety of my life. Furthermore, her child fulfills the destiny of righting the wrong, fingering the damned murderer (that extreme level of [feminine] villainy was the other addition, as in she had a pact with the damned, was a consciously evil serial murderer), -basically it's the child who sorts things out, which is what the universal awareness accomplished for me....the priest/villain/killer with a church come torture chamber, the other extreme of evil that thinks of itself as pure due to being completely secure inside his religious rationale (exact same form as my father's weapon/foundation of security), was also added in that movie. He destroys the intuitive/awareness [actually pure] “side” the instant he discovers it. My father had responded as drastically in witch-hunt terms the instant he gleaned there might be anything of consequence too.”

And yeah, -couldn't help myself:

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Incidentally, "Margaret" was Lucille's middle name.