June 28th 1999

I've bought liquor and on the way back I've a hankering for a roof, any roof; the sky's alive this evening. Oh I wish in my head for a green, a roof, a seclusion to dance on at night. While maybe not satisfying all these requirements, in my quest for sky I realize (Duh!) that the best roof in the vicinity is behind our own out back (we live above the 'Darling Buds of May' florists on Lord Edward St.), and I hurry home. This involves climbing out the bathroom window (which is high) on the third floor to get onto the roof.

The first time I watch a sunset entire, with full concentration, in Ireland, and the fact is I haven't observed one in a very long time, and then some. (What college 'll do.) -From a three story ledge looking over Christ Church. -Lovely.

So I was listening to music very late in bed tonight, got up and saw a distorted white beam coming through the bathroom window, and immediately knew that it was full moon. (-Also my first seen Full Moon in Ireland.) Oh My. No wonder you're skittish.

So I dress, grab my newly acquired bottle of wine (with ancillary regrets of what I've left back home) -nevermind, I have a stack of cassette tapes and climb back out on the roof. It's a moon watching spot. Oh Joy. I drink the whole thing, I sing the songs, chatter amused-ly to myself, but mainly I sing. Tonight I was in communion.

The roof is metal and corrugated every five inches or so but the strip on the peak is flat (though peaked), and I end up dancing its length all over repeatedly. To my delight I find I can shadow dance. The street lamp put a vivid template on the brick wall of our apartment. There are even two paler subsidiary ghosts. So I'm dancing on a metal balance beam, sloped with a peak, slippery with dew. I never fell, but I had a delightful time.