October 11, 1999

It was also Canadian Thanksgiving on the 11th; come full circle by witnessing the brunette young woman walking away in Ian’s video from the car crash with barely a trace of blood, just enough to know. To encounter Ian Brown on this day, with that context rendered in his video, was overwhelming. -Thanksgiving. Oh that’s right. That was the night she experienced more pain than she ever thought possible. That was the night she died. This is the day we were born again. And in this time, the past year, she was being brought back. This was the day it became real. And now was the day she got to witness a witness who expressed her and how it had succeeded. -Even the headlights reflecting on the ceiling that night mattered as she found herself uttering “Thank-you” in her mind over and over again. “You should be so thankful, for in your consciousness you may have achieved the finest awareness known to man. Her mind abounded with spin-offs; ramifications. Realizing the date even gave her a reason for why her pain might have been so acute that day, transforming it in an instant. The scarred geometry of the passing headlights, for some reason accentuated with streaking reds and blues. (Red she could explain. Blue?) Lovely stark abstraction and better yet, it moved.

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