July 28th, 2001

Depeche Mode, Poe, "Exciter" Tour, 07/28/01, Pacific Coliseum

So I’m going to tell you a little bit about Depeche Mode – the concert, that is. Let’s begin with it was the worst, ever, entry search. . . and yea, just the vibe walking in tells me, yes indeed, the DEA have set up camp in Vancouver (office a month or two ago) – you can feel it just from the heat.
I’m not going to tell you a great deal about this it’s been a while and no longer fresh but I will, of course, digress to Poe . . . this is no big deal but I will say, it has happened before but not quite like this, not so distinct and not in a stadium.

It was in a dream many years ago, I dreamed of it happening with yours truly, and actually, he walked right up to my seat and asked for my name. Felt like a cornered rabbit and nearly bolted when I saw what was up, because naturally I can see it coming much sooner than that . . . but anyway the dream was a very long time ago . . .

I’m not afraid of this anymore. -Before if I felt a vibe like this, I’d deliberately screen it, pretty much. It scared me a lot. I only got caught once. That was local. He really did address me as the moon containing the secrets of the sun and blather blather (sorry, he was Extremely eloquent) –but I pretended I didn’t know who he was talking to, never moved. My friend who was with me knew, though (that was the closest he ever got.)

Dear Poe played some lovely things I know are new, actually put her stamp on the ‘forever’ roster, I think. She also played some staples we all know her well for, like ‘Angry Johnny’. (Chapter 4) –and sometimes I think the cycle introduced by the starting band, is intentional, it was very much like the last time but a different band –(Stabbing Westward) – the proverbial grill, but first, it was sort of a lure. Anyway Poe ended up singing in just one direction, and I’m like mmm, yes, this is getting pretty familiar –and she will not digress. So this time I just absorb it without qualm, like, oh, hang it, and she turns up the amps. I mean then she decides on a serious wallop – which I just absorb. And conclude the thing by just standing up and giving a nod, small bow. -Very shortly she stage dives.

Now I am way, way, way up on the side section just a few rows from the main isle, and I tell myself ‘No way!’. –But she did – she does. She straddled the rail and came ALL the way up. And I’m just standing there and everyone’s getting confused and the security, well, -but at the same time chaos ensues on both fronts and ushers are in front of me in confusion over the seats and nevermind but anyways, she concluded her travels on the right row, you see, stood facing and what not, she was one section away. Whew. 

-as for DM I enjoyed it extremely and just enjoyed it, no perks whatsoever . . .

-and there was a funny little twigger on dancing technique on both counts, both Poe and Dave used it. Meaning they were derivative of the same movements I used for years. Just a little bit, they’d just refer to it, and I thought, I guess I should start dancing again.

-as for DM I can no longer make pointers on the song list, obviously. The reason I enjoyed it so very much is because as you know, or have you noticed, the most danceable DM songs actually have very slow, slow beats that almost make them undanceable? –but!!! Whotta drummer!!! And they’ve doubled or syncopated All their beats!!! Yahoo!!! -What can I say? It was a ripping grand old time. There was plenty of space where I was and I dance through all of them, the songs they’d changed. And it just got better and better. I couldn’t BELIEVE no one practically anywhere was dancing it was so good. And here I was worried about an ambient new album –but they brought all those complex quiet beats way into the fore. It is great to be in the hands of true professionals. What can I say!?!

Oh, yes, visuals. Were so great! But the one that sticks, of course, were the two little goldfish, and the shark, below . . . for “In Your Room”. Now how apt is that?!?!?

Firstly, IYR has so many great levels, but it has one very direct, real one, I don’t think I should even belabour the point . . . but of course it is one of those Reveal songs, one of the strongest . . . can you see it delineates so clearly the entrapment that exists in the form of the feedback loop – of course then, he thought this was her fault!

-so how cool is it for the little goldfish to be joined, then, by a second one, after the shark has made its presence . . . how apt even after Seattle . . . nevermind.

-among other amusements: the song Black Celebration (which I hadn’t actually seen them do before, and Oh OH OH!!! – they did “CLEAN”!!!! (smiles all over) –that was the first time I’d seen them perform “Clean” –worth the wait, my sister was So disappointed, after all, she didn’t come, (but she couldn’t afford it). I mean that’s an eight year wait . . .

Back to BC – that’s my point, they reversed the song (actually underlying interpretation) – by jacking this one full of iconography (the question is only of when and where with them) – I simply mean white crosses – but you can understand my amusement at having the massive block initials BC flashing over and over and over (what’s that!?!? – oh, the title, right . . .) –still it’s amusing. As amusing as last time when their film screen/sole stage prop was actually a perfect stage for a silhouette dancer, never used for such. Ah well. You see the point.