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Posted by Pamela on April 29, 2014

Some pretty amazing albums came out and about while this book was being written that were almost too good to be true. In light of the subject matter of synchronicity in music, it would be worth doing an exposé on several of them highlighting the interrelation with the book's contents. (I decided to save those sorts of things until the book itself was available.)

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is a strong theme/thread in the book (-yes). Unsurprisingly, a great deal could be said on Arcade Fire's Reflektor (10/29/13), given it's the most prominent theme there as well. Joan of Arc is present too, if a little quietly. But of course it's the themes without names that provide a context that fits better than than any missing jigsaw piece you could find under the dresser, what the combination says as a whole. So likely we'll go there. 

That is the intent of the "In the Music" blog page, though 'a course, time has caught up with me; the currencies beckon while I'm not ready.

Casting back a little further, we have Depeche Mode's Delta Machine (03/22/13), which was a mind-blower (there's even a book involved) -and of course David Bowie surprised us all the day before that (03/08/13).

But Bowie's The Next Day EP (11/04/14) was even more surprising. -Even more of a mind-blower than his video, which would have sat more than comfortably with this essay, -but would have sidled even more comfortably with the chapter that provoked it, Chapter 19, where it has some reality. (Some exorcisms may be healthy.)

Then there is the matter of the trickle down/trickle in accompanying singles that became the album I'm With You from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. -Now we're getting into the sort of specifics that should raise the hairs on anyone's neck. Amen!

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Last but certainly not least, we were subject to a very intimate cover (02/18/13) that managed to situate a cross on a song passage replete with mermaids, child brides, ravishment at the water's edge, -and the Rapture existing as a "known" because of a face seen at the bottom of the sea.

We possess all of these topics. -By the "we" I mean all these performers exist as participants inside this book, and all of these subjects are present. They even exist as full analogies. Very much could be said about Push the Sky Away. It is the same as descending. That is the intention.