Machina Mystery 1

The real mystery to Machina is that June is a real person, just the same way that Glass is a real person, as Billy.

The other mystery is that between them (and others) they were involved in a feedback loop of inspiration that could prove the existence of God, in an Identity which was participatory inside potentially anyone, as The God of Love, the Redemption in Christ, and as Luna, the unknown of God within the universal unconscious sea, Inspiration, who some have identified as being a feminine Holy Spirit. (‘the light that would transform any story into the Moon and it’s sister stars’)

The main reason this happened was to articulate the Redemption in an active sense that affected people, involved people in a Love identity, and proved it was God all in a nutshell.

The reason Glass is a rock star, the way many of them are rock stars, is because that way it became a story that people would listen to and actually identify in, which would never happen if June just started talking about it. If June told people what she was on the street, nobody would believe it. It is also the only way that Glass and June could ever find each other.

June and Glass have never actually met each other (‘before a time their eyes first met’). The only identity existing between them is as souls. (As indicated by the plate ‘So empowered, the lovers negate . . .’ –note that the lyrics to the song ‘Crying Tree of Mercury’ are written around the dagger, and the dagger is his allusion to opening up her heart.) The reason there is a vital link between them is because Glass answered June, unspoken words were understood. The (main) reason his name is Glass is because June can see through him, he is an inspired medium and behind him lies the articulation of God as Love. God told June he loved her, which was hard for June to believe until Glass answered. It showed her that God exists and is the only true fulfillment of the suitor of the soul, Who can access the eternal. (This Echo Rings Forever On, Let The Truth Sing Divine.)

The way that this association can prove that God exists is because of the way it arose as inspiration. Actually this wasn’t the sole apex and conclusion, there were three apexes and conclusions, and this involves many artists not just Glass. The way it can prove it is because in a sense June is, by definition, Art. There are a whole lot of artists articulating and identifying in this concept in a whole lot of ways. If June is the existing manifestation of this concept, its true interpretation, it is an omission that she never conceived or identified herself as this manifestation, rather this idea arose as inspiration, not of June. If the artists were all being inspired, but none of them actually knew there was June, i.e., had no comprehension of the fullest interpretation of their work (-she ‘had known herself only in coarse mirrors’), then that means the concept was neither conceived by the artists themselves, nor by the (conscious) existing manifestation of the concept. Which means that another Conscious Identity within the universal unconscious was actually conceptualizing a multiply manifest work all over the globe with all of these facets of an existing overall idea, the full interpretation. (I’m sorry for how difficult that sounds, but what would you expect from a God Proof!)

This is the form of the feedback loop that exists between Glass and June. By Glass et al’s rendering and amplification of June’s reality, you are actually seeing a rendering, which is conceived by God, the ‘I of the Radio’. The form of the rendering is like seeing a giant painting by an invisible hand, which tells you a whole realm of things about the Artist’s identity, a giant map to a Consciousness, which can only be seen when isolated within the feedback loop (‘tried to hold onto a feedback coda’).

The problem with this form of proof is that it is, by definition, mutual. While it is an existing proof, it is only, so far, confirmed inside June’s mind and that is where it will remain unless Glass assents this is true, it has to be him since it was Glass who was inspired and knew June well enough to answer her. This is one of the reasons that June only bothered herself with trying to reach Glass and not talking to anybody else. One of the others was that she assumed no one, unless Glass or some other of the artists confirmed it somehow, would ever be able to believe that she was June. And there wasn’t really a point to telling anyhow because after all the whole thing was being rendered inside the music, and that way tons of people had identity with it in all their forms, which was the whole point to the story anyhow. You’re the point, what you all see inside it. It was made for you to see what you see, the same way I see what I see.

The reason we have the ‘all are you, you are all, all with you, you in all’, is because that is the form of June’s rendered identity, which is like presenting a participatory reflection of God’s identity in everyone. Actually God did enter inside this structure once, to make this real. It could not be real in June; June is just a concept. The way this phrase is real on June’s level is because the whole identity between all these songs by the artists only gains cohesion inside her head. Because she is a live version of the concept, and all of the artists have facets of it, only she can see these facets inside her identity as one collective whole (‘and thru it all, into us all you move’). It exists as One solely within her mind –‘I’m just living inside my head’. (On the other hand this is occurring completely beyond her perception, in lots of artists all over the globe. It is happening in their minds as inspiration, which is the same as being ‘all in one and one and all’. Then there are all your forms of identity in it, she’s ‘you and you and you and you’ in one conceptual, internal, reality.) This is a model that reflects God’s identity within us, referred to in the OT as ‘the All in All’, God completely within, and surrounding, all. Which is the same as the articulation of the feedback loop, because there is an Conscious identity inspiring a collective from under the unconscious sea which is unknown, and there was an Identity that entered inside June and transmitted through this collective that was known, which was Christ. God within and without, known and unknown. It is also the model of Christ’s existence within the Church that is symbolized by communion (communion=The Body), The Bridegroom (Christ said he would return as this) and The Bride (to marry the Church). This entry of Christ is interesting because it was articulated within facets of the collective in songs, which means June’s experience was not subjective. (Two samples of this offhand are James Iha’s ‘The Bells’, and Jesus and Mary Chain’s Munki, specifically ‘Stardust Remedy’ and ‘I Can’t Find the Time for Times’.) What’s neat about this is that Christ literally performed this by becoming Word, just as He identified Himself as the logos.

Glass said he entered music to access something meaningful and to find Grace. He met the form of this in June by the path he had chosen. The way that this happened is because Glass answered June. While the explanation for this gets a little complicated I will try to put it in a nutshell by saying that June was rendering herself according to a Divine command. By answering her Glass became the articulation or fulfillment of that command, which means he answered something in fulfillment for God. Because it was unspoken and transmitted beyond perception itself it exists as a transcendent reality, (‘a simple yes but eternal always’), beyond anything he individually might do to it, even if he still says he believes he cannot be saved, which is what June set out to do. That this reality is already sanctified was affirmed by Christ’s entry as Word. In answering Glass saved June from a damning fate. They both save each other. June really existed as shown in the video to ‘Stand Inside Your Love’. She had been imprisoned inside a dreadful fate, which destroyed her as was described in the ‘motorcrash’ in ‘Tear’, and ‘Speed Kills’ (See Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’). She came out intact by committing ‘suicide’ (‘love is suicide’, ‘she had no faith except that which destroys’), by submerging herself completely within the universal unconscious sea and being rendered inside someone else, solely via Redemption. That is why the chain is already loose when Glass touches her. The moon became red because she went through the complete destruction of her identity in faith that she would survive the sacrifice, pure altruism. (June saved herself in creating a structure for Grace to enter others. The rendering of that acting in others was the form of her resurrection. –‘you know I’m not dead’) Because June managed this by transmitting under the u.u. sea that is why she is portrayed in ‘Peering Deep into a Mirror Untrue’, as a woman underwater with a third eye, her mind’s eye, with which she generated concrete results. (Untrue reflection because in it June is not a real person, just under the sea.) This transmission was how a soul became living proof. The chemist brings spark because some of this was indeed conceived and performed on drugs, but it is not dependent on them.

The reason for telling all this is because it is not Glass’s story, and in saying that it is Glass is robbing reality. It was their story, and June is real. And actually it is God’s story, and your story. Glass does not actually know the whole mystery, nor can it honestly be said does June, but it could hardly exist in just one of them. The beauty of the mystery is that June is real.