Machina Mystery 4 excerpt

Part of the "Names" portion

“Rahab is considered one of the three most faithful figures in the Bible. She is much more than that. She represents the first entry of a Gentile [the Canaanite] entry [officially] into the nation of God, in other words the first incorporation that was based on faith in God rather than inclusion by genetics. As such she represents the first advent of Christianity within Judaism, the liberation of belief from nationhood and bigotry. She was also ancestress to King David, and hence Christ. Her name carries much darker connotations, for if you review her story you will find she is labeled both as an innkeeper and a whore. (You will always be my whore.) Heavy handle to go through a Catholic private school with. Imagine! You can just picture it. Rahab becomes even darker, literally translated it means “chaos”, its first use this way is in the six days of creation. It is told that after God created the waters He had to tame them, he had to tame Rahab, chaos herself. History was repeated when Ray drowned herself in the universal unconscious sea. Once again God tamed the waters, ensured she would not drown in the storm.

Rachel means beloved. She was the second wife of Jacob, forefather of Israel, God’s nation. Jacob laboured for her hand for fourteen years. Her first child died, stillborn. She died giving birth to her second child (the second child who got to live); the same as June lost her spiritual children, who all believed her to be dead, when she drowned herself in the sea. This is the truth behind June’s real names.”

Come full circle. Billy's random slide for the publishing of Jung's Red Book for his psychoanalysis flash card. Narry a peep! What sea serpent?! It's as if he didn't know anything...


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(38:00) In other words, Jewish thought supports the notion of pre-conception existence