U2 Premiere performance "Every Breaking Wave" Rai.TV

This was what concluded the conversation the first time the author ever met Bono. He drew a stop sign instead of doing an autograph for someone and wrote, "Just standing at the bus stop waiting for the train to come in."

Because there was no follow-up beyond a peculiar naming, the last thing she delivered to him in Ireland contained the rejoinder, "I don't know if you'd know what the train looked like if it smoked you between the eyes" -along with a cassette.

(-Train's been on (or off) the rails ever since, -enough to be a running theme in the book. -And yea, first encounter, Bono's already received that part of the book.)

Bono and the Edge do train tracks for the premiere performance of "Every Breaking Wave". No seriously. You cannot make this stuff up. 


That's why it's the sub-title on this essay, whose centerpoint is the concerted hijack of NA rail for oil and its co-contingent disintregration, which is at the feet (in terms of individual responsibility) of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.