June 6th, 1999

June 6th, 1999 – went to the Red Box (the Pod) for the first time, for DJ’s from both Underworld and Prodigy (Darren Emerson and Liam Howlett), and danced all night. (Literally.) "It was the first night out dancing where I really enjoyed myself." The journal noted liking Emerson and that the third DJ (who I didn't know was Liam, having gotten wrong information that he backed out of playing) -was awesome. Thankful for the run-in as it set my record straight! (I never followed Prodigy.)

 "Keith Flint from Prodigy came down onto the dancefloor, very close to where I was dancing, and watched me quite a lot for an extended period, like up to half an hour. That I was being scoped was plainly apparent. He looked like he wanted to dance. I'm trying to ignore him. In the meantime I was completely surrounded by a circle of men and one drunken leering fellow who continually juxtaposed himself in between. I put an elbow within a hair of his nose just to give him a drift, because he was getting to close, and so was another one, but that interaction maintained its balance, remained amicable and worked out OK. Keith was dancing, tentatively, on the outside of this ring. I could tell he was a little shy. I treated him like everybody else, meaning I remained focused on dancing. He disappeared, came back, and this time broke through the barrier and danced beside me for about ten minutes or so. His footwork was extremely fast. (My feet are not.) This time he brought his girlfriend with him. Even the drunk was in awe. Then he drifted away and circulated through the crowd.
Wrong celebrity, but hey!"
I’m amazed to find corroboration of this happening on the interwebs. Just goes to show ya boys will be boys. No clue Keith came out and “started to go absolutely mad” dancing beside a girl who had ruled the floor in terms of attracting a circle of eight, eh?