November 28th, 2000

Numbers & Names - M.M. 4, posted January 2nd, 2001

The point within a point to "NUMBERS & NAMES" is to demonstrate that God can take over reality and give you signs (as well as dreams) and that these signs can encompass so much as to become nearly your whole reality, and this is the nature "June’s" Reality (when she’s on it, at least).

This is what can happen in Math class: Nov. 28th, 2000

Picture Susan, our math instructor, who is petite, concise, Chinese, and at the moment smiling and radiantly pregnant . . . Susan doesn’t know God’s name but she has just written it up on the board in a quadrant . . . just after June wrote, in massive block letters in her binder notes: "4", the score is four, because "four is one and one is four" . . . . June was thinking about, well, they’re private thoughts, but she’d made this discovery about Alpha & Omega the previous night, that they were really four, and that in them, Christ is alive, and He is both of them . . . . just like He predicted of Himself, and that means he is no longer sacrificed, but lives on in the lovers . . . . as they live in Him, One is four and four is One.

Lovely Susan is writing God’s name on the blackboard (she missed a letter but you must give some leeway to reality), YWH, so you of letters will see, she did miss an H. This of course is God’s most ancient name, the true spelling of Jehovah, how the Hebrews would spell it . . .

Like I said, she’d put the Name in a quadrant, in diagonal with two ones, like so:

YWH  |  One
One   |  YWH

And already "June" cannot help herself, she is collapsing in laughter.
Susan insists she is talking about the correlation coefficient. "June", who’s real name is Ray, laughs harder. The letter representing this correlation coefficient is of course, "r". . . . and "r" "is a measure of the strength of a linear relation between 2 variables".

In this YWH represents "the perfect linear relationship, a continuous positive upswing that doesn’t end . . . ." what else would He be?

YWH tells us, "if A+B are good friends, then B+A are good friends", YWH=1 means there is a strong linear relation between the two variables.

rWH is in fact a weak linear relationship, a reflection . . .

Susan breaks completely out of form, turning on Ray with "I don’t have to tell you any of this, do I? You already know it for yourself!" Ray laughs harder.

Susan asks, "What happens when the co-relation co-efficient is Zero?"

r=0 goes up on the board.

Well, we all lose the contest, laughs Ray. We’re all Zero, aren’t we? And in losing, we win . . .

Then Susan goes on to declare her favorite context in Math . . . . what does it really mean when r=0?

"Everyone assumes there is no relation, but that does not necessarily mean there is none, It may be that the rise and fall work simultaneously to cancel each other out, and what you may have then, is the perfect non-linear relationship . . ." Susan’s favorite context in Math.

r=0 does not mean they are non-related, it means you can use one variable to predict the other . . . it means there is a perfect relationship in which the positive and the negative cycles cancel each other out – a perfect semi-circle. And Ray ends up in her own territories once again.

There is, of course, a much longer version of this particular Mystery, delineating many of the songs and all the names, plus explaining the real ones.