The problem with her “Machina” (as she’d titled it thus) was that some of the titles hadn’t even been accurate, it turned out, and even without this factor she’d been dead wrong on the import of most of the songs. Here was the curious part: if someone had bothered to read it from end to end (and she assumed this would not have happened, since how off the mark it proved to be at the outset would have been off-putting), they would have found she was in fact quite accurate on the album’s content, say by a margin of about 60 percent. It just happened to be rearranged, situated under the wrong titles. As a body, it all fit; she didn’t think anyone would have gone far enough to see that. This time with the lyrics in hand, she could analyze Machina/the machines of God with 100 percent accuracy; she had the songs now, they all fit; and she still had the pre-dated documents showing she’d approached him on the self-same subject matter beforehand.