October 1st, 1999

The Sanctification Principle

"[S]ince we’re dealing with the transmission of a process between completely separate persons, and yet this process was perceived as one and the same, we can establish it was achieved outside of environmental inducements. That there was transmission of an active process from its progenitor, to a recipient, without any pre-conceived identity or links, and yet despite the process had the same definition in both participants, establishes that the definition exists beyond any human inducements or conceptions. Neither of us made this up on either side of the equation, yet it was common and real for both. Essentially we achieved common perception beyond our respective perceptions, beyond human perception itself. (Holy fuck!!!) Which means Truth exists absolutely somewhere, beyond the eye of the beholder, doesn’t it? How can the same perception transmit beyond either party’s perception? And if it does, doesn’t that veritably establish it’s real, above and beyond any form of communication? And if you can pull that off without communicating, doesn’t that establish its reality beyond how events were construed? I mean if you achieve transmission of an active belief, beyond all perceived modes of transmission, that means all the accoutrements of perception did not transmit; no one was assuming, or being affected by anyone’s point of view. The awareness transmitted beyond perception; hence it was purely awareness. Hence there is no way to argue that the awareness was humanly induced. Hence there is no way to argue that it was assumed. Hence there is no way to argue it was false. Which means there is no necessity, actually, to verify the nature of its origins is there? You see, by transmitting my awareness in this manner, I took my parameters of thought and established their reality; it is no longer contingent on the environment that induced my perception in any way. -Which means that the challenges I faced in terms of judgment, my enactment of redemption, retention of the union, all have meaning even if the environment that generated them was completely false. I became my own reality."