spiritual city

March 5th, 1999 - A more positive thought: based on small excerpts I have been reading on the Church, New Jerusalem, and the marriage with the Bridegroom, I have been questioning what this constitutes in terms of my own perceived union. I’m considering whether conceptually, this perceived universal awareness constitutes a spiritual city on a mental plane. We are a city, one founded in a universal consciousness, Martin’s "Freestate". And so far the city is unknown, undefined, and did not have entrance requirements, it was in the dark. I started thinking this way and then I saw a reference by Jakob Dylan, where he describes an invisible city that shouldn’t be dark (Mar. 3rd). Well, I think it’s verging on being lit.

Then I’m wondering, in terms of the Church being restored to her true place, if that is what is happening. And then I'm questioning, where does the Bridegroom come in, i.e., where’s Christ in all this? This is why when Gregg says, Someday you’ll realize that I was the One for you, I’m giving it undue significance. Because I’m speculating that, as I theorize that the only way Cave can have converted is if God was between us, so too God is between our potential union. Which means, indubitably, for the first time in human history, in all likelihood, we can know for a certainty that a marriage was fulfilled in the true Christian definition (a union between man and woman, sanctioned by God), for otherwise it would not have come to pass. Given this circumstance, and the fact that it may be associated with a universal union of a body of souls, is what in fact happening here is that we are literally forming a body in Christ, the true definition of the Holy Church, in terms of a consciousness? Therefore, the Bridegroom is in all of us; that is how Christ returns? The Bridegroom is the unifying factor in all of us, and we all marry Him, which is why Gregg can hit me with a capital “O”. He’s invoking Christ in this.

This is why "Like a thief in the night" is a very, very loaded statement when the Stones use it. So in a sense, meeting with Cave is like meeting with Christ, in that it is meeting through Christ, but that can be reflected in others. I saw that in terms of Bono, and Gregg was invoking it on purpose. Heady stuff. Is that how I can meet the human terms, and the Divine, at the same time? Because I’ve always wondered where He was going to come into the equation; I must retain my married connection to the higher realms, my direct association to God. If I was performing a function in integrating the Church, then where was/is the reciprocal union with God?

Man, I don’t even wanna know what I’d see if I actually started studying the Bible.