the arrival of the "Four Proofs"

April 22nd 1999 - “Somewhere in all this I have concluded that what I need to do is present Bono is three proofs, and that is enough. One is the Pop Art Theory (proving the existence of God in the universal unconscious), The Marriage (the concert), the definition link (what happened with his lyrics and the religious symbolism), and just for dessert, I’ll throw in a ditty about Orpheus and Eurydice.

“So today I was working on that, and then Mom came over as we’d organized her visit yesterday. I was rather clever today. I told Lucille that I’d come to the conclusion that I wasn’t supposed to find Cave, and that I wasn’t supposed to go to London, and that she could tell Dad I’d decided not to, because it wasn’t what God wanted me to do, Ha-ha. -Lets off the pressure. She did look a little stunned.”

“All I am saying to myself is, I’m scared, I’m so scared, over and over and over. What if I don’t find him? (Bono, I mean.)”