Bono's audiocassette

“Train Song” – Nick Cave

“My Beautiful Leah” – PJ Harvey

“A Perfect Drug” Trent Reznor

“Mo Tucker” – JAMC

“Man On the Moon” – JAMC

“Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” – Moby –snippet

“Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For” – Nick Cave

Would You Go” – Jane Siberry

“Judas” – Depeche Mode

“One More Night” – Tom Petty

“No More” Tom Petty

“Hope” – REM

*some where in the mix she threw U2’s “Dirty Day”

“The Wind” – PJ Harvey

“This One’s For Me” – Tom Petty

“Lonesome Sundown” – Tom Petty

“Gonna Find My Baby” – Moby snippet

“Sail Away” – Nick Cave

“No Girl So Sweet” – PJ Harvey

“I Feel You” - Depeche Mode

“Lotus” – REM

“Swingin’” – Tom Petty

“Resurrection” snippets

“It’s Only When I Lose Myself” – Depeche Mode

“Lucy#2” -fade